Struct Document

The HTML5 Document

struct Document ;


this (html) Build a document from source


body[get] ElementThe <body> element
head[get] ElementThe <head> element
isValid[get] boolIs this a valid html5 document?
title[get] stringThe content of <title> tag
title[set] const(string)Set the content of <title> tag


byClass (name) A lazy range of elements filtered by class
byComment (comment) A lazy range of elements identified by an adjacent comment
byId (id) Get an element by id
bySelector (selector) A lazy range of elements filtered using a css selector
byTagName (name) A lazy range of elements filtered by tag name
createComment (text) Create a comment
createElement (tagName) Create a html element
createText (text) Create a text element
fragment (html) Create a document fragment from source
opCast () You can cast a document to a string
toString () Return document as html string